Pieces of a Decade, eds. Theodore Hamm and Williams Cole


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Literary Nonfiction | ISBN 978-1-934029-29-9 | 5  x 8" | 151 pp.  | Hardcover



“Now I’m not going to tell you everything that's in the collection, but I will say that it offers: Howard Zinn’s prophetic critique of the war in Iraq before it happened; Reverend Billy’s gospel alongside that of hardened, unrepentant Marxists; and a wide variety of Whitmanesque odes to Brooklyn’s past and present, as well as to the borough's future that never shall be. Besides that, it’s the only time that Jane Jacobs and Jason Flores-Williams have been bound between the same two covers. And rest assured that Anders Goldfarb’s photos capture our world. So if you have balls, you’ll buy this book. And if you don’t have balls, you’re still welcome to purchase it.”

 —Theodore Hamm



“As alt-papers drop like flies across ye olde United States, Pieces of a Decade testifies to the Rail’s importance as a relevent and sacred cultural institution.”

—Eric Obenauf, Two Dollar Radio