Summer Reading: Selected short stories from the Rail


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This late summer, enjoy curated reading packages from the Brooklyn Rail archives. Each package contains five back issues from the Rail with selected pieces for your reading pleasure.


Order the package before heading off to your local riviera for $50 plus shipping.




package contents:

John Berger’s Motorcycle, by Andy Merrifield (November 2005)

End of the Year Letter to Friends, by Jonas Mekas (May 2006)

Hard Without Music, by Charles Bukowski (May 2008)

In Memory: Harold Pinter, by Cristina Pippa, Jason Grote, Lonnie Carter, George Hunka, Tommy Smith, John Soltes, Lydia Stryk, Caridad Svich, Aurin Squire, and Alexis Clements (February 2009)

Like A Glowing Worm, by Katie Anania (May 2017)