Summer Reading: Stories from the Brooklyn Riviera


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This late summer, enjoy curated reading packages from the Brooklyn Rail archives. Each package contains five back issues from the Rail with selected pieces for your reading pleasure.


Order the package before heading off to your local riviera for $50 plus shipping.




Stories from the Brooklyn Riviera:


Local reporting from the Rail’s early days features ghosts in Red Hook shipyards, young love blossoming around barbeque pits in Manhattan Beach, an edible Eden in Howard Beach, preachers in Staten Island ferry terminal, and the hustle to sell ice cold beer in Coney Island.



package contents:


Harvest in Howard Beach, by Anna Neerman (October 2008) 


Coney Island Beer Hustle, by Matthew Vaz (July/August 2010)


Spirits of Red Hook, by Thomas Kerr (February 2011)


Seaside Stories, by Saskia Kahn (July/August 2013)


Dreamland: Coney Island and the 20th Century Avant-Garde, by Kurt Hollander (February 2015)