River Rail Winter 2018



Current research is showing that water is to our 21st century what oil was to the 20th century. An offshoot of the Brooklyn Rail, the River Rail comes as a response to the Trump administration’s aggressive attack on human rights and equality, cultural knowledge, environmental protection, and scientific methodology based in research and fact, raises issues that many of us are not aware of, and proposes some actions. This augury of ecological concerns and explorations is a new beginning of our collective work in the making.


Christopher Bamford, Don Church, Diana Coryat, CA Conrad, Cecilia Vicuña, Raquel Salas Rivera, Haley Mellin, David Brooks, Camila Marambio, Christy Gast, Laura Allred Hurtado, Greg Lindquist, Marcella Durand, Diana Wege, Joshua Harrison, Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison, David Michael Buhl, Diego Gerard, Tatina Vazest, Dr. Bárbara Saavedra, Edwin Torres, Lucía Hinojosa, Lauren Bon, Maxim Holland, Maya Lin, David Levi Strauss, Peter Lamborn Wilson.